Welcome to planet SR388

This desolate landscape looks empty at first glance, but there is a dark and dangerous world waiting for you just below the surface.

A Lost World

A lost world

The underground labyrinth of SR388 is filled with peril at each turn. From vicious flora to killer creatures, each step you take may be your last. As you explore the dark tunnels, you may notice the remains of an ancient civilization. Could this long-lost culture be connected to the Metroids that now infest its ruins?

The deadly Metroids that inhabit SR388 are rapidly growing in number. Worse yet, they are evolving, becoming increasingly more powerful by the minute. This vicious species must be wiped out before they destroy the entire galaxy.

  • Metroid


  • Alpha Metroid

    Alpha Metroid

  • Gamma Metroid

    Gamma Metroid

  • Zeta Metroid

    Zeta Metroid

  • Omega Metroid

    Omega Metroid

  • Queen Metroid

    Queen Metroid

Countless explorers have been lost in the twisted underground tunnels of SR388. Luckily, you will be equipped with enhanced tools to help you safely navigate the treacherous caverns.

Metroid Map screen capture


An enhanced mapping system, which populates as you discover new areas and allows you to place pins in points of interest, making it easier to return later on.

BackgroundMetroid Map
Metroid Radar
Metroid Radar screen capture

Metroid Radar

A convenient tracker located on the bottom of your map that lets you know if there’s a Metroid near you, and how many you have left to kill.

Besides the equipment you start with, there are many strange items you can find throughout SR388 to assist you.

Stations screen capture


These mysterious machines let you recharge your energy or ammo, save your progress, or travel quickly between areas—but you must locate them first!

Chozo Seal screen capture

Chozo Seal

Ancient shrines that lower the level of hazardous liquid nearby after you defeat a certain number of Metroids.

Chozo Statues screen capture

Chozo Statues

Bizarre remnants of a past civilization that hold helpful Item Spheres you can use.

Aeion Ability Artifact screen capture

Aeion Ability Artifact

Enter these artifacts while in Morph Ball form to gain one of the new Aeion abilities.